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Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de recuerdos personalizados de África en China

TALMUD: su fábrica a granel de recuerdos africanos n.° 1 en China

TALMUD was founded in 2005 and is the leading African souvenir bulk factory in China. It excels in treasures with themes related to arts, baloncestocelebridades, iglesias, fútbol, museos, nacional, deportes y universidades.

We balance Africa’s tourism and natural resources, driven to grow the world souvenir market. TALMUD is your entry point to high-quality, culturally rich souvenirs, and improve your offers with them.

Ven con nosotros as we explore the world of opportunities!

Llavero acrílico de recuerdo de África

Material: Acrílico,
Tamaño: 5×3 cm, o personalizado,
Logotipos: impresión CMYK,
Paquete: bolsa Opp con código de barras.

TALMUD es su fabricante mayorista de llaveros acrílicos personalizados de recuerdo de África en China.

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista personalizado de abrebotellas de recuerdo de África en China

Metálico: Metálico,
Tamaño: Personalizado,
Logotipos: impresión CMYK,
Diseño: Elefante africano.

TALMUD es su experta fábrica mayorista de abrebotellas de recuerdos personalizados de África en China desde 2005.

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista personalizado de posavasos de recuerdo de África en China

Metal: corcho+MDF+ papel,
Tamaño: 10×10 cm, o personalizado,
Uso: regalos de recuerdo de África,
Destinatario: Amigos, miembro de la familia.

TALMUD es su proveedor mayorista confiable de posavasos de corcho para el mercado de África en China.

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista personalizado de almohadas de algodón de recuerdo de África en China

Material: Algodón,
Forma: cuadrada, redonda, etc.
Logotipos: Estampado y teñido,
Paquete: bolsa de plástico.

TALMUD es un fabricante líder mayorista de almohadas de algodón de recuerdo de África personalizadas en China.

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de pendientes personalizados de recuerdo de África en China

Material: Cerámica,
Tamaño: Diá. 3 cm,
Hashtag: Hecho a mano, artesanal,
Grado: Moda, joyería.

TALMUD es un distribuidor principal mayorista de aretes de recuerdo de África personalizados en China desde 2005.

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de insignias de esmalte personalizadas de recuerdo de África en China

Material: Metálico,
Tamaño: 3×1.5 cm, o personalizado,
Logotipos: Esmalte suave,
Paquete: bolso de Opp.

TALMUD es su proveedor experto de insignias de esmalte de recuerdo de África al por mayor en China con más de 20 años de historia.

Cliente Estratégico Global de TALMUD

1. Craft Exclusive Moments with Premium Souvenirs for Lasting Memories

2. Personalized Keepsakes Featuring Characters from Entertainment Giants

3. Promoting Alliances Worldwide through Tailored Marketing de eventos Estrategias

4. Supplier of Customized Services for Gobiernos y Instituciones on a Global Scale

5. Utilizing the Influence of Event Sponsorship Tokens for Worldwide Promotion

6. Deliver Custom Regalos promocionales y soluciones de souvenirs para marcas líderes a nivel mundial

7. Form Strategic Partnerships with Renowned Celebrities y personas influyentes a escala global

8. Source of Personalized Moda Mementos from Worldwide Suppliers for Exclusive Experiences

Cliente Estratégico Global de TALMUD
Imágenes de clientes de regalo de recuerdo de TALMUD

Imagen de cliente de recuerdo de TALMUD

1. Hecho a mano National Souvenirs Tailored for Both Retail and Wholesale Markets

2. Retail and Wholesale Markets with Our Exclusive Art Studio and museo Coleccionables

3. Custom-Made for Celebrities, Influencers, and Song Artists Seeking Exclusive Memorabilia

4. Luxurious Promotional Collaborations with Premium Fashion Brands, Blending Class and Style

5. Elevate your Boutique with Trendsetting City-Inspired Collections Offering Mementos with Iconic Landscapes

6 Personalizado Deportes Memorabilia for Basketball, Football, and More, Catering to Sports Fans and Collectors

7. Extensive Collection of Online and Offline Collectible Memorabilia, Designed to Meet the Demands of Both Retailers and Wholesalers

8. Personalized Collectibles Featuring Iconic Themes like “Alicia en el País de las Maravillas” and Avengers Superheroes Characters

9. Instituciones educacionales through Customized Souvenirs Made for Schools, Colleges, and Universities, Establishing Long Term Connections through Keepsakes

TALMUD: Sus recuerdos personalizados confiables de África
Proveedor mayorista en China

TALMUD is the leading wholesale manufacturer of bespoke African souvenirs in China. Explore the attractions of Africa with us. See the African continent’s assets, which include a wealth of wildlife, history, and cultures.

Although the African souvenir market is still in its early stages, TALMUD, which concentrates on indigenous handicrafts, wood products, and pottery, has been a pioneer since 2005. TALMUD has gained the respect of clients all over the world by keeping a commitment to product quality and customer service.

Beyond simple sales, our goal is to create a worldwide ecosystem for souvenirs that will promote long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. TALMUD invites African wholesale suppliers of souvenirs to get in touch with us, providing professional consulta de trabajo y servicios de primera.

Our niche market, which is ideal for enthusiasts of the letras, baloncesto, celebrities, iglesias, fútbol, museums, national, sports, and universities, appreciates the culture of Africa. Contacto to help you in creating an international memento experience.

TALMUD LIMITED es su experto en recuerdos personalizados, regalos promocionales, productos de animación, fabricante y proveedor mayorista estacionario en China.

Ecosistema de recuerdos de TALMUD

  • Engage with sustainable business professionals to build a global network of eco-friendly souvenir manufacturers. 
  • As leaders in recollections letras and crafts, we promote ethical sourcing, optimize the supply chain, and develop niche markets.
  • Nuestro global red de distribución demonstrates our devotion to environmental sustainability by ensuring product quality and economical material management.

Clientes de TALMUD

  • The only place to get band promotional products. We provide all-inclusive solutions, facilitating a one-stop-shop experience.
  • As the top manufacturer of souvenirs from concurso and popular tourist attractions, we provide a wide selection of premium goods.
  • For renowned brand licensing mementos and intellectual property (IP) licensing events, we are a trusted expert supplier.

Ventaja de TALMUD

  • Founder of the Master’s program in Global Luxury Brand Management MBA.
  • Illustrating expertise in the creation of the blue ocean market for souvenirs.
  • Professional in business advisory and partnership development for the international souvenir industry.

Reclutamiento de socios estratégicos por TALMUD

  • A variety of authorized products featuring icons from movies, television, sports, and other media. As a reputable wholesaler, we meet a wide range of customer preferences and guarantee high-quality goods for purchasers of gifts.
  • Check out our exclusive collection of religious mementos made for las instituciones educativas, research centers, and houses of worship.
  • Nuestro joyas personalizadas, gifts, and souvenirs can be added to your offers. We offer retail and wholesale jewellery, gifts, and souvenirs online and offline.

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de recuerdos personalizados de África en China

  • Africa is the second-largest continent with 57 países , boosting 144 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and different potential landmarks on its tentative lists. 
  • TALMUD actively collaborates with local African souvenir manufacturers and suppliers, aiming to unlock the continent’s tourism resources. 
  • Examine how we work together to grow the souvenir industry. For opportunities, get in touch with us right now.

Cajas de recuerdos globales de TALMUD

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de América en China

    TALMUD es un proveedor mayorista estadounidense líder de regalos de recuerdo personalizados en China con más de 20 años de historia.

    Puede personalizar imanes de nevera de recuerdo, llaveros de recuerdo, bolsas de algodón de recuerdo para su negocio mayorista o minorista.

    ¡Póngase en contacto con el equipo de expertos de TALMUD ahora!

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista personalizado de regalos de recuerdo de Canadá en China

    TALMUD es un fabricante mayorista profesional de recuerdos personalizados canadienses en China.

    Suministramos posavasos de recuerdo, manteles individuales de recuerdo, tazas de recuerdo, así como bandejas de servir de recuerdo. La mayoría de nuestros productos se pueden utilizar para obsequios en museos de arte de su país.

    Muestras gratuitas de recuerdo son bienvenidas a petición suya.

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de Japón en China

    TALMUD es su mejor fábrica mayorista de regalos de recuerdo personalizados de Japón en China desde 2005, contamos con un equipo profesional de fabricación de recuerdos para impulsar su negocio de recuerdos.

    Puede personalizar bandejas de souvenirs, imanes de nevera de souvenirs, placas de matrícula de souvenirs con una garantía de calidad del 100%.

    Los servicios OEM y ODM son bienvenidos.

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de Indonesia en China

    TALMUD es su confiable fábrica de fabricación al por mayor de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de Indonesia en China durante años.

    Puede personalizar los regalos de recuerdo de Bali con LOGOTIPOS coloridos impresos por nuestro experimentado equipo de producción.

    Para más información, ¡contacta ahora con el equipo profesional de TALMUD!

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de Singapur en China

    TALMUD es su fábrica de fabricación de regalos de recuerdo de Singapur al por mayor en China. Los servicios OEM y ODM son bienvenidos si lo solicita.

    Cooperamos con muchos artistas para explorar recuerdos de arte con calidad de colección.

    ¡Contáctenos para obtener más detalles de souvenirs de Singapur ahora!

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de Alemania en China

    TALMUD es su fabricante mayorista alemán especializado en regalos de recuerdo personalizados desde 2005.

    Producimos matrículas de recuerdo, imanes de nevera de recuerdo, llaveros de recuerdo para el mercado alemán durante años.

    Puede obtener apoyo de la eficaz cadena de suministro de souvenirs de TALMUD a través de nuestra cooperación.

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de Dubái en China

    TALMUD es su mejor proveedor mayorista de regalos de recuerdo personalizados de Dubai en China desde 2005.

    Puede personalizar bolsos de mano impresos, imanes de nevera de recuerdo, regalos de arte para sus ciudades árabes por parte de nuestro experto equipo de fabricación.

    El servicio 7×24 horas está disponible para hacer crecer su negocio juntos.

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de América Latina en China

    TALMUD es su fabricante a granel de souvenirs personalizados de América Latina en China desde 2005.

    Tenemos una cadena de suministro estable de regalos de souvenirs para su negocio mayorista de souvenirs.

    Contáctenos para obtener más información sobre la información de souvenirs de América Latina ahora.

  • Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de regalos personalizados de recuerdo de Australia en China

    TALMUD es un fabricante profesional de recuerdos personalizados australianos en China con más de 20 años de historia.

    Si usted es un minorista de souvenirs en Amazon, TALMUD puede suministrarle souvenirs de Australia personalizados con MOQ pequeños.

    No dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros ahora.

TALMUD: su mejor fabricante mayorista de recuerdos personalizados de África en China

Fabricante mayorista de recuerdos personalizados de África en China

Regalos de recuerdo de África de TALMUD

TALMUD has been a leader in the souvenir wholesale factory in China since its founding in 2005, constantly improving its offerings to establish a supply chain. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in all areas, including printing, production, transportation, and raw materials. Strict standards are the cornerstone of TALMUD, guaranteeing that every souvenir represents quality.


Con la Europea y American souvenir markets becoming saturated, TALMUD expanded its business by entering the marketplaces in Asia, América Latina, Europe, and Africa. Our intention to work with regional souvenir wholesale manufacturers, providing them with more than just products but also thorough business coaching, is what motivated us to enter the African market. 


The economic stability of our clients is the foundation of TALMUD’s success, and we are committed to offering premium souvenirs that are specifically designed to meet the demands of the African market.


For more than 20 years of development, TALMUD has developed strong alliances with international wholesalers of souvenirs. In addition to tourism, we can provide personalized presents for African businesses that increase their value and visibility.


With a focus on custom niche souvenirs with themes related to the arts, basketball, celebrities, churches, football, museums, national, sports, and universities, TALMUD is the top wholesale factory in China. Get in touch with TALMUD and start your path to improve your brand’s visibility now.

Certificados de TALMUD

Certificados TALMUD'

Área de vídeo

Take off on a journey to find the core of Africa, a continent that comes with beauty, a tapestry of varied cultures, and landscapes. Africa is the second largest continent in the world and offers an array of experiences, from its rich indigenous history and different cultures to the natural beauties spread over its territory.


With 144 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Africa tells both well-known and unknown histories. Every step of Africa is an adventure, from the historical wonders of the North to the wildlife-rich landscapes of the South. Imagine traveling through popular attractions that serve as iconic reminders of the continent’s attractions.


TALMUD is a center of artistry and craft in the middle of this continent, providing a selection of custom mementos that capture Africa’s spirit. African souvenir wholesalers are invited to collaborate with TALMUD, a business known for its proficiency in nicho markets such as arts, basketball, celebrities, churches, football, museums, national sports, and universities, to help shape the future of the souvenir industry.


Video – Puntos de referencia de África

Ofreciendo una amplia gama de recuerdos personalizados and handcrafted treasures, TALMUD has the potential to transform the African souvenir industry. The potential of this industry has already been made clear by the partnership with international trade businesses. 


The market is characterized by low order volumes from nations such as South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt, and it is driven by locally produced goods that have authentic African qualities. Attracted by the attraction of ecotourism, travelers look for souvenirs that reflect the essence of the continent.


TALMUD actively promotes interaction with the African souvenir wholesale factory in its capacity as a torchbearer of the global souvenir ecosystem. TALMUD is prepared to venture into new markets in the African souvenir industry, whether it is due to its popularity of native crafts or a combination of creativity and physical ability.

Por favor, escríbenos a o a través de WhatsApp en +86 15858871001 for further information. With TALMUD, discover the hidden treasures and histories of Africa.


Vídeo – Recuerdos de África


Socio estratégico global de TALMUD

Socio estratégico global de TALMUD

Servicio Logístico TALMUD


Servicios logísticos de TALMUD

Optimize your global industry potential with TALMUD’s shipping and warehousing solutions.

  • Specializing in efficient batch shipping for souvenir wholesalers, our warehousing ensures fast procurement. 
  • Rely on our air freight services utilizing a global airline network for reliable deliveries worldwide.
  • Enhance project safety with secure rail transport for hazardous products. 
  • For international trade, our economical marine freight services are ideal, especially for long distances. 

Choose TALMUD for accelerated growth in the global market, offering reliable, affordable, and structured servicios de logistica.

Estándares de TALMUD: Economía, Eficiencia, Seguridad y Sostenibilidad

1, ¿Dónde está África?

Mapa de África

Figure 1.1 – Africa Map

Africa is the world’s second-largest and most populated continent, covering around 30.3 million square kilometers, or 20% of the planet’s geographical area. Equipped with 54 officially recognized sovereign states, 8 territories, and 2 de facto independent states, Africa is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Isthmus of Suez, and the Atlantic Ocean.


Africa faces economic issues caused by historical reasons such as European colonization and the Cold War, despite the continent’s natural resources. But with a growing population and industry transformations in recent years, there are now more options than ever. The intermediate industry’s tourism sector is growing, and the market for souvenirs has just started.


Fabricante y proveedor mayorista personalizado de manteles individuales de PP de recuerdo de África en China

Figure 1.2 – Africa Souvenir PP Placemat

A contribution to Africa’s changing tourism market is the Africa Souvenir PP Placemat. This custom mantel offers a combination of artistry and history, embodying the vibrancy of the rich culture of the continent. Discover the potential of Africa, where placemat designs blend traditional legacy with modern developments.

2, ¿Cuáles son los monumentos famosos de África?

Africa is a continent that integrates natural beauty, a variety of wildlife, and ancient cultural customs. Discovering Africa’s splendors is inviting from the Sahara Desert to the Cape Town coastline.


Africa, which comprises 57 nations and a staggering 144 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is a wealth of information just waiting to be discovered. Motivated by an affection for this continent, the TALMUD souvenir team has developed a collection that honors its country.

Aquí hay una lista para su referencia.

  • Las Grandes Pirámides de Giza, Egipto
  • Parque Nacional del Serengeti, Tanzania
  • Reserva Nacional de Masai Mara, Kenia
  • La Avenida de los Baobabs, Madagascar
  • Parque Nacional Kruger, Sudáfrica
  • Cataratas Victoria, Zimbabue y Zambia
  • El río Nilo, Egipto
  • Delta del Okavango, Botswana
  • Monte Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Pirámides de Meroe, Sudán
  • Medina de Marrakech, Marruecos
  • Desierto del Sahara, África del Norte
  • Cráter de Ngorongoro, Tanzania
  • Tombuctú, Mali
  • Salinas de Makgadikgadi, Botswana
  • Arco de Aloba, Chad

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista personalizado de abrebotellas de recuerdo de África en China

Figure 2 – Africa Souvenir Bottle Opener

Our customized Africa Abrebotellas de recuerdo awaits you among the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the wide plains of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, and the Victoria Falls that span Zimbabwe and Zambia.


From the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya to the Nile River in Egypt, each piece embodies the essence of Africa’s most famous monuments. Experience the beauty of the ancient Pyramids of Meroe in Sudan and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Our collection of custom souvenirs honors the Aloba Arch in Chad and the Moroccan Medina’s cultural attractions.


Discover the spirit of this continent with TALMUD’s Africa Souvenir Bottle Opener, a personalized memento that reflects the character of your travels and memories. Explore Africa, give in to its enticement, and take a little piece of its enchantment with you.

3, ¿cuáles son los regalos de recuerdo tradicionales africanos?

Cucharas ceremoniales zulúes

Figure 3.1 – Zulu Ceremonial Spoons

The KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa is the rich cultural heritage of the Zulu people. The Zulu tribe is well-known for its ceremonial carving spoons, but they also make beautiful crockery and headrests. These ceremonial spoons, which include geometric shapes and frequently extended nude females with styled grace, reflect the Zulu people’s artistic designs.


According to Zulu culture, carving spoons is a male-only right with deep symbolic meaning. These spoons are highly valued for their designs and artistic attributes, which are evidence of the Zulu people’s ability in their work.

manualidades con cuentas

Figure 3.2 – Beaded Crafts

Beaded jewelry, a treasure derived from several South African tribes, has developed into a symbol of regional artistic talent. These beaded designs are available in African craft markets, shopping centers, and boutiques, and are popular by both locals and visitors. In addition to being used for personal decoration, the process has promoted native bead workers through offering job opportunities.


Beaded crafts that are known include finely made objects with flowers, candelabra, and animals; these serve as popular mementos from Africa. There’s a thriving market for these handcrafted marvels, with rhinos, giraffes, and lions among the many expertly carved animals that line the local streets and shops. Securing these customized products at the best price is made possible by negotiating, which is an essential aspect of the buying experience.

muñecas africanas

Figure 3.3 – African Dolls

African dolls are for anyone looking for an unusual gift. These dolls, whose forms and attire change depending on the location, were traditionally made for young girls to guarantee women’s fertility. In Africa, Western-themed dolls with traditional clothing are very popular, passed down from mother to daughter.


African dolls have become culturally, historically, and educationally significant in today’s world. In addition to being educational and entertaining, they draw foreign tourists by serving as highly valued keepsakes. For individuals who are keen to bring some African culture into their homes, selecting from the wide selection of customized African dolls is both satisfying and challenging.


Africa’s tourism business is growing, presenting the continent’s rich cultural legacy while also giving residents a way to improve their standard of living through the sale of their artistic goods.

4, ¿Qué tipo de recuerdo africano proporciona TALMUD?

Africa’s expanding souvenir industry with TALMUD is your entryway to access expert market advice and craftsmanship. TALMUD is your strategic partner for long-term growth, regardless of your level of experience as a wholesale factory with established local stores or as an adventurous investment looking to discover the possibilities of the African souvenir market.


Local handicrafts form a rich tapestry of African souvenirs, expressing potential just waiting to be discovered. Even though the industry is still young, there is a lot of potential for expansion, and TALMUD is ready to help you at every stage of this adventure.

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de camisetas de algodón personalizadas de recuerdo de África en China

Figure 4.1 – Africa Souvenir Cotton T-shirts

Camisetas de algodón de África

El camisetas de algodón with African inspirations are our best-selling items throughout the continent among our wide range of products. These customized T-shirts are designed with landscapes and characteristics that attract every visitor and are an essential item on shopping lists. Our collection, which includes anything from colorful themes to clean white tees, caters to a wide range of interests and is a wardrobe essential for any traveler.

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista personalizado de cortauñas de Sudáfrica en China

Figure 4.2 – South Africa Nail Clipper

Cortauñas de Sudáfrica

Check out our collection of South African nail clippers for a little luxury daily. These metal nail clippers, which are frequently seen in tourist markets, include customizable epoxy printing that enables a range of creative patterns. Our factory materials prioritize environmental friendliness, so you can spend on these necessary travel tools guilt-free.

Broche de esmalte de recuerdo de África personalizado fabricante y proveedor mayorista en China

Figure 4.3 – Africa Souvenir Enamel Brooch

Broche de esmalte de África

With our collection of African enamel brooches, you can up your souvenir profile. These upscale jewelry pieces, which combine handcrafting with modern metal processing, are a tribute to Africans’ passion for jewels. With fine materials and craftsmanship, our brooches cater to people above the middle class, positioning them at the luxury level without the premium associated with popular designations.


Experience the world of African souvenirs with TALMUD, in which each item offers an interesting experience. Get in touch with us now to get into the flourishing African souvenir market with simplicity.

5, How Does TALMUD Balance Tradition and Innovation in Its Souvenirs?

To produce a selection that attracts both fans of African culture and people from other countries, such as the USA y Europa. With its mementos, TALMUD expertly integrates tradition and innovation.


By combining new styles with traditional craftsmanship, the business makes sure that each remembrance captures the rich tapestry of tradition while adding contemporary features.


TALMUD stands out for its commitment to both innovation and tradition. It provides a wide selection of souvenirs that are interesting to individuals looking for authentically modernized links to African culture and other cultures.

6, Are TALMUD African Souvenirs Suitable for Corporate Gifting?

Fabricante y proveedor mayorista de insignias de esmalte personalizadas de recuerdo de África en China

Figura 6 - African Souvenir Gifts

TALMUD African Souvenirs incorporate artistry and cultural diversity to offer an original item for business gifting. These keepsakes display the art of Africa, which makes them a significant solution for business transactions.


We offer a wide range to accommodate different preferences, ranging from artículos de moda to finely crafted artifacts. Make a lasting impression on partners and clients by presenting these culturally significant products as part of your corporate giving.


Recuerdos TALMUD are a refined means of presenting gratitude and building connections in the business market because they integrate African heritage and modern style.

7, How Does TALMUD Support Local Communities?

Formando alianzas estrategicas with renowned African artisans, TALMUD embodies community support. Together, these efforts preserve and restore traditional crafts and cultural assets while simultaneously advancing economic growth.


Through interacting with local artists, TALMUD creates an adaptable ecosystem that strengthens communities and promotes development in the cultural and economic areas. In addition to giving its products an authentic connection the brand’s dedication to maintaining historical practices helps sustain ethnic crafts.

Al trabajar juntos, TALMUD can produce a beneficial impact on the communities it works with while simultaneously expressing a commitment to quality and artistry. While supplying original and culturally rich items to a global market, this ethical business strategy guarantees an equal relationship between commerce and culture, generating a positive impact that benefits craftsmen and their communities.

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