Mayorista y fabricante de dijes personalizados en China

Customized charms date back thousands of years, and most women consider them a virtue. Jewelry, in general, is a woman’s most essential asset, and a woman’s outfit is incomplete without ornaments. It includes necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, charms, etc.

For decades, wearing customized jewelry has always been a trend, and it now has a large following by millions of people globally. High-end and luxurious personalized jewelry pieces can upgrade your status and define your fashion sense in all possible ways, and they even magnify your presence everywhere.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes personalizados en China

Figura 1 – Amuleto personalizado

Today, artisans’ customized jewelry is in demand, and suppliers are increasing in bulk. The traditional Chinese arts and modern touch intensify the art and beauty of customized jewelry. Several wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers engage their businesses in personalized jewelry designing and marketing in China regardless of any jewelry factory and manufacturer that makes and sells jewels in size.

The latest trend in the market is attaching a customized charm to jewelry, usually a tiny ornament dangling from a bracelet, necklace, or chain. Personalized jewelry aims to remind users who they are and what they’ve been through, be it a lucky four-leaf clover, a heart, a moon, or a birthstone. It is also an element of customization that people rave about and is often tied back to an emblem that feels special or particular to the individual.

Joyas personalizadas en la historia antigua

Wearing customized charms has begun as a talisman and amulet to ward off evil spirits or bad luck. These jewelry pieces consist of animal bones, shells, and clay during the periodo prehistórico. Eventualmente, los artesanos hacen amuletos personalizados de madera, roca y gemas.

Fabricante mayorista personalizado de dijes de amuleto de ámbar en China

Figura 2 – Dije de amuleto de ámbar

There is evidence from Africa around 75,000 years ago that handicraftsmen used shells for embellishment even without a manufacturing factory. Sophisticatedly carved ivory charms and engravings in Germany still stand from around 30,000 years ago.

On the other hand, charms were also used for identity and as symbols of good luck and strong faith in ancient Egypt. Persians, Assyrians, Hittites, and Babylonians were the first to use charm bracelets, which began appearing in 600-400 BC.

Fabricante mayorista personalizado de diosa turquesa antigua en China

Figura 3 – Antigua Diosa Turquesa

Queen Victoria loved to wear and give charm bracelets, which started a fashion trend among the European noble classes in the UK. She even made mourning charms famous when her beloved Prince Albert died.

China is currently one of the leading markets for customized charms and jewelry in Asia. Traditional Chinese crafts, enamel, and cloisonne composition in jewelry, as well as many high-end products, are in demand worldwide. Some of these customized luxury charms and jewelry are factory-produced in several regions of China.

TALMUD takes pride in manufacturing top-notch, premium-quality personalized charms by top-level designers globally. Because of the expansiveness and reliability of its jewelry operations and the creation of the best custom jewelry designs, many top-rated manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers also partner with TALMUD.

¿Por qué usar amuletos personalizados?

Customized charms are still in demand, as they were thousands of years ago. Top-notch brands are racing to launch beautiful charm bracelets and necklaces that are as fashionable as one would desire. Here are a few reasons one likes to wear a customized charm.

Fabricante mayorista personalizado de Shiva Shell Stone en China

Figura 4 – Piedra de concha de Shiva

trae buena suerte

Most people believe that wearing customized charms brings good luck and shields an individual from evil eyes and bad luck. Be it a pendant, a ring, or a bracelet, it brings creativity, positive energy, and fortune. Some people also like to wear charms according to their date of birth, month, and zodiac sign.

Protege de los ojos malvados

Los compradores creen que los amuletos personalizados evitan el mal de ojo, lo que a menudo dificulta el éxito y la fortuna. Crea un aura defensiva, elimina la energía negativa y salva a las personas de la magia negra.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes de piedra de envoltura de alambre de cianita personalizados en China

Figura 5 – Dije de piedra con envoltura de alambre de cianita

Saca a relucir la creatividad

When one wears a personalized charm, he starts to believe in himself and the world more dedicatedly. It also serves as a shield from negativity and evil, which brings out the best in an individual and promotes more creativity in society.

Realza la belleza

Los dijes personalizados iluminan la apariencia física y realzan la belleza de las mujeres. Adornos hermosos y únicos, piedras preciosas y objetos brillantes brillan, y la presencia hace que uno se vea deslumbrante.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes de acero inoxidable personalizados en China

Figura 6 – Amuletos de acero inoxidable

En presupuesto

A budget helps you prepare yourself in advance for how much money you are willing to spend on creating your design and customized charm. It is also the topmost priority of a gemstone or charm lover. Personalized jewelry with a piece of ornament allows an individual to create the desired item that fits your budget.

Establecimiento de un apego

A customized charm gives an emotional attachment that connects you with the person who gifted you the jewelry. It instantly reminds you of the giver whenever you look at the personalized item. Such customized charms are always more special than any other expensive gifts; at the end of the day, you’ll have something to pass on to your generations.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes de pulsera personalizados en China

Figura 7 – Amuleto de pulsera

Desencadena la innovación

A customized charm bracelet or necklace brightens your creativity in art and craft, polishes your design skills, and allows you to work more on your passion. It helps you with the dedication you need when creating something meaningful.

From shaping gemstones to positioning them and adding your favorite charm, a quality designer inside you involves you from the beginning of the process until the end, reflecting the time, effort, and skill involved.

¿Cuáles son los tipos comunes de dijes personalizados?

It is always challenging and confusing to pick out a charm for yourself or a loved one, and it takes a lot of research and scrolling to find a suitable ornament. Customizing jewelry provides an exceptional opportunity to showcase your personality.

Cada amuleto cuenta una historia única y diferente y representa un valor adicional, un recuerdo, un pasatiempo o una persona en su vida. Por lo tanto, personalizar sus dijes hace que sus joyas sean aún más memorables y únicas.

Fabricante mayorista personalizado de diferentes tipos de dijes en China

Figura 8 – Diferentes tipos de amuletos

Ya sea que uses tu amuleto como un recuerdo, una declaración de moda o un amuleto de buena suerte, hay muchas opciones y tipos a considerar.


A beautiful and tiny charm butterfly indicates a message from the spirit of loved ones and illustrates one’s transformation in life.


Angels are one of the most common charms that signify protection from God. They give the sense of satisfaction that someone is there to protect us and shield us from disturbing events.


One of the oldest forms of charm is the clover. Each cloverleaf represents health, fortune, wealth, love, and respect.


Daisy is one of the most beautiful and fragile flowers. It signifies a beautiful period of a woman’s life, motherhood, which further indicates love and freshness.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes de flora personalizados en China

Figura 9 – Encantos de flora

Dolphin charms hanging from bracelets or necklaces provide protection and signifie harmony in one’s personality.


La corona es un amuleto poderoso que significa gloria y poder en la personalidad; también da una sensación de triunfo, y quien lo usa tiene la intención de ser un líder influyente o un ganador.


Dragonflies bring out an inner light from a dead soul. They are considered a new beginning in one’s life. A person who wears a dragonfly charm believes they are more hopeful about life and have more opportunities.


Los amuletos de hadas significan el empoderamiento y la feminidad de las mujeres. Es un encanto femenino que las mujeres usan para creer en sí mismas y son lo suficientemente valientes como para aceptar su belleza y sus defectos.


Este encanto asocia su belleza con recuerdos agradables, desarrollo personal y crecimiento.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes de flores personalizados en China

Figura 10 – Amuletos de flores


Cada uno de nosotros sin duda necesita este encanto en nuestras vidas. La esperanza te da la fuerza para esperar dejar atrás todas las amarguras de la vida.


Infinity Charm links love and friendship. Friends and couples often gift each other pendants of infinity to remind them that they will always be together.


As to how the mass population views it, the rose symbolizes general love and signifies love and faith between lovers.


Este amuleto generalmente vincula el coraje y la pureza de espíritu. Con frecuencia, las personas que sueñan con alcanzar sus aspiraciones portan o utilizan un amuleto de estrella.


A swan charm denotes peace and purity and usually connects dreams, union, love, and partnership.


Making a wish is an integral part of life. A wish charm indicates desire and hope, and one who wears one is always hopeful about life.

Clasificación de encanto personalizado

Siempre puedes hacer un adorno personalizado con tus materiales y piedras preciosas favoritas; puede incorporar plásticos, metales, cera y muchos otros materiales. A continuación se presentan algunas clasificaciones populares de amuletos personalizados.

Proveedor mayorista de dijes personalizados en China

Figura 11 – Amuletos personalizados

Super Enlace

Los amuletos Super Link son finas piezas de esmalte con un borde ligeramente dorado.


Las partículas de cerámica se trituran y hornean a una temperatura específica antes de verterlas en un chip diseñado para dar una ilusión reflectante natural en la base. El proceso crea amuletos llamativos, deslumbrantes y de alta gama.


Los amuletos de esmalte pueden ser de latón o bronce, que usan chips gruesos o delgados para diseñar su logotipo o marcas. Por otro lado, el eslabón del amuleto italiano, por ejemplo, se une con un pegamento para joyería o se suelda con el chip.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes de esmalte personalizados en China

Figura 12 – Encantos de esmalte


Creating dangle charms is quite similar to enamel charms; the only difference is the addition of a dangling attachment to the link with the base or the front of the chain. Adding rhinestones or clear enamel coating with a golden glitter background is a must in the process.

Encantos de fotos

Images and designs are printed on high-quality photo paper and soldered or glued onto a blank photo charm dish link. Then, a clear enamel resin is applied over the top of the image or photo to protect the print. It takes 5 to 6 days for the clear enamel resin to dry.

Enlaces hinchados

Puffy links and charms have had their design engraved or printed into the link from the inside out to provide a raised, inflated feel and look. They also consist of gold-tone enamel charms before sealing with clear lacquer. You can also expand the life of your puffy ornament by coating a layer of clear enamel resin from time to time.


A diferencia de los amuletos hinchados, el diseño de los adornos en relieve se imprime o se estampa en el eslabón desde el exterior hacia el interior para dar una sensación y un aspecto de inscripción indentada. El esmalte se vierte y se sella con una resina de laca transparente.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes en relieve personalizados en China

Figura 13 – Encantos en relieve

Proceso de Fabricación de Charms Personalizados

The first step in creating your personalized charm is to create a scheme. Choose an ornament according to your zodiac sign, style, and preference. Choose the color scheme, the type of jewel you want to attach your charm to, and the material of the jewelry.

Artisans continuously used the following two techniques for centuries to manufacture personalized charms.

fabricante mayorista de fabricación de joyas personalizadas en China

Figura 14 – Fabricación de joyas personalizadas

Técnica de cera perdida

The lost wax casting technique is an old process that dates back centuries in making metal jewelry, charms, and other items. It is an effective way of preparing metallic luxuries and ornaments, which still exist today.

The process starts with the designers creating a jewelry outline. Artisans then choose material based on the customer’s preference or specific recommendations.

Subsequently, the wax is melted and poured into a mold. When the wax cools down, vents (wax pipes) are used to soften and remove the wax from the mold. The charm mold is now ready to use.

Fabricante mayorista personalizado de amuletos de buena suerte coloridos en China

Figura 15 – Amuleto colorido de buena suerte

Afterward, artists create a rough model of the charm to check out how it looks after the process is complete. When the appearance of the mold satisfies the manufacturer, he starts working on the original material.

Finally, the material is melted at a high temperature in special conditions and poured into a mold. It is then allowed to cool. Once it is cooled, artisans remove the outer shell of the mold by breaking it, causing the metal piece of charm to materialize. The ornament is then polished.

Die Casting

Otro método popular de fabricación de amuletos es la fundición a presión. Todos hemos jugado con masa de arcilla y recortado formas de ella en nuestra infancia, y este método es algo similar.

First, a mold, known as a die, is created. This mold or die survives the complex and repeated experiments because its outer shell is tough and can withstand lots of pressure and high temperatures.

Then, using a machine, the designers put two pieces of mold or die together and pour liquid metal inside the piece using an injection. Artisans eventually dunk the mold in water so it cools down and allows it to rest there for the time being.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes de oro personalizados en China

Figura 16 – Amuletos dorados

Once the liquid solidifies, the pressure is released, separating the two dice. The customized charm is then polished, and details or other ornaments are added to complete it.

Los amuletos de lujo y de alta gama utilizan materiales de oro y plata o de oro y piedras preciosas para hacerlos únicos y preciosos.

Consejos para mantener un encanto personalizado

Owning a personalized charm is a source of pride for everyone. Wearing it at get-togethers and in daily business has several benefits, but maintaining your customized charm is also a responsibility.

Los amuletos pueden ser sus objetos de colección, que puede pasar a sus próximas generaciones como reliquias familiares. Invertir en amuletos personalizados puede ser memorable y beneficioso, especialmente en amuletos de oro, plata y piedras preciosas, por lo que mantenerlos seguros es esencial.

Fabricante mayorista personalizado de encanto de ojo de muñeca en China

Figura 17 – Amuleto de ojo de muñeca

Estos son algunos consejos para mantener y prolongar la vida de sus amuletos personalizados.


One of the essential tips for keeping your customized charms safe and secure is to decide when and where you will wear them. Personalized ornaments are pretty expensive, and daily wearing them can cause damage. Make sure you wear them on special occasions to maintain their shine and pristine appearance.


Buying a customized charm is quite expensive. While most suppliers provide you with a jewelry box, you can buy a special box or holder to house it instead of keeping it with other ornaments in a jewelry box to ensure it remains new. In this way, your charms can live for years.

Fabricante mayorista personalizado de Golden Owl Charm en China

Figura 18 – Amuleto de búho dorado

Conectar con otros adornos

Ensure your customized charms are securely soldered with your jewelry, especially dangling charms. If you want to wear your ornaments daily, you can solder them with your ring instead of a bracelet or necklace; thus, you can wear them safely daily.

Limpiar con agua y jabón

Con el tiempo, los dijes comenzarán a volverse aburridos y oxidados. Es crucial mantenerlo limpio regularmente. Una forma sencilla de conservar sus adornos personalizados es usar agua con detergente suave y un cepillo de dientes para limpiar cada rincón y grieta, manteniendo sus amuletos brillantes y nuevos.

Por qué confiar en TALMUD para elegir su amuleto personalizado

TALMUD has been a reputable and one of China’s most trusted customized charm manufacturing companies and suppliers for years. Its factory provides luxury and high-end ornaments that are good for gifting, as souvenirs, and as a token of love.

TALMUD offers you a variety of charms in several materials, and they can create personalized ornaments as per your requirements. Our artisans provide the utmost services on almost every continent.

Fabricante mayorista de dijes de oro de acero inoxidable personalizados en China

Figura 19 – Dijes dorados de acero inoxidable

Furthermore, TALMUD is also one of the manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers of fine, quality, unique charm jewelry, integrating the works of renowned artists like Rembrandt van Rijn, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Alfonso Mucha, Johannes Vermeery  Paul Cezanne.

Recently, TALMUD has started collaborating with various young and emerging artists in the United States and Europe regions and aims to create the masterpieces of artists worldwide into fine, high-end jewelry.

En TALMUD, nuestros artistas profesionales tienen habilidades únicas para crear y tratar personalmente con los clientes para producir una pieza intensiva de amuletos artísticos personalizados que se adapten a su carácter y personalidad.

Elegir el mayorista adecuado de dijes personalizados en China

Choosing the absolute wholesaler, manufacturer, and supplier can be daunting and challenging. Hence, TALMUD aims to provide you with premium quality, high-end, luxurious customized charms based on your personality and preferences.

TALMUD’s customized charms and jewelry have been selling well globally. Its factory specializes in manufacturing various 925 sterling silver, European beads, Pandora-style charms, acrylic, metallic, and enamel customized charms and jewelry.

The company offers experienced artists to help you develop and create your desired customized charms. Our artisans guide you toward the best service for your personalized jewelry.

TALMUD le brinda sinceramente servicios de personalización de joyas exquisitos y profesionales basados ​​en más de 10 años de experiencia en personalización en la industria de la joyería.

We have super supply chain management, a master craftsman team, branded business operation management, and business logic that prioritizes customers’ interests.

Desde la adquisición de materias primas como piedras preciosas y metales preciosos hasta el procesamiento de joyas, logística global, transporte, accesorios, embalaje, etc., TALMUD le brinda excelentes servicios.
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4. Alianza de marca, autorización de propiedad intelectual, personalización de joyas de museo

5. Experto privado en personalización de joyas

6. Proveedores de soluciones de embalaje y accesorios en la industria de la joyería

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